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Like allopathic or ayurvedic medicine, electro-homeopathy medicine for piles is also famous due to its effectiveness and results. Piles & all other Anal Diseases can be completely treated without Surgery through Electro homeopathy. It can be cured using Electro homeopathy medicine or spagyric treatment.

A strict routine must be followed including a Bound constipation Diet and meal times. Meals should be
accompanied by thin vegetables. Also, milk and butter(ghee) should be consumed in moderation.
Consumption of meat and spices should be prohibited.

Electro homeopathy treatment will be very effective if taken along with the above restrictions.

  • Angiotico-2: – This Remedy helps in reducing Anal Congestion.
  • Slass: – Increases bowel movements by reducing constipation. Provides strength to the intestines (peristaltic movement). Helps to clean the toilet.
  • cansoroso-10: – Improves bowel function by improving liver function.
  • Scrofloso-2: – Improves metabolism. Increases digestion power. Reduces body heat and works well for urinary problems.
  • Vermifugo-1: – Very useful for stomach cramps and cures amoebiasis as well as intestinal infections. Completely cures bacterial and fungal infections.

Fissures, piles/hemorrhoids, and fistulas are very common due to the current daily lifestyle and bad eating habits.

Electro homeopathy medicine for Constipation

Constipation is a common condition. In which it is difficult to defecate and it is less frequent. There are many things to do. E.g. Diet, medical histories like medicines or treatment. Some medications also cause constipation. This is the opinion of all doctors that constipation is a disease and is caused by an underlying digestive condition. Other causes of constipation include intestinal obstruction, weakening of pelvic floor muscles (aging), lack of dietary fiber, and dehydration.

Symptoms of constipation

  • Less frequent defecation than usual.
  • Feel we have ‘Run out of gas’ emotionally.
  • Difficulty or pain during defecation.
  • Strict defecation.
  • Bleeding in the stool.
  • Pain in the pelvic area.
  • Loss of appetite.

Causes of constipation

  • Fasting, starving, eating less.
  • Drinking less water, aging, and weakening of intestinal muscles.
  • Eating a diet low in fiber.
  • Doing little or no exercise.
  • Regular consumption of tobacco, cigarettes, and narcotics.
  • Excessive meat intake.
  • Consumption of oily, spicy, spicy foods.
  • Consume too much alcohol or coffee, or tea.
  • To ignore the pressure.
  • If constipation persists for more days, fissure, piles ( Hemorrhoids), Fistula is a disease that does not take long to develop.

Piles – Hemorrhoidal

Electro homeopathy medicine for Piles

Electrohomeopathy treatments of internal hemorrhoids, external hemorrhoids, and blood hemorrhoids

  • Angiotico-2:- Effective for varicosity of vain, thromsrose as well as hemorrhoids.
  • Cansoroso-5: – Heals wounds or degeneration of tissue.
  • Blue Electricity: – Reduces bleeding, swelling, and swelling of sprouts. Doses should be increased if bleeding.
  • Slass: – To clean the toilet regularly and on time.

Electro homeopathy medicine for Fissure

A fissure is an anal hemorrhage. Diseases of the rectum are mainly caused by constipation and increased body heat. Constant constipation often causes the skin on the outside of the anus to rupture and rupture. This is called a fissure. In Ayurveda, it is called ‘Parikartika’. Parikartika means pain as if cut or cut. If the stool is hard, my stones are forming, then when they come out, they rub against the skin on the wall of the anus and it keeps on happening, The delicate skin of the area is injured and the skin is cut.

Electro homeopathy medicine for Fissure

Following are the list of electro homeopathy medicine for Fissure

  • Angitico-2: – Reduces swelling in the anal canal.
  • Cansoroso- 5: – Fissure wound healing to heal wounds
  • Green Electricity: – Acts as an antiseptic on the wound, quickly reduces pain, and removes rotten or pus from the wound.
  • Blue Electricity: – Reduces swelling and bleeding in the rectum and reduces wound inflammation. The above medicine can also be used as an ointment lotion or Remedy. The pain in the fissure is reduced in a few minutes by the treatment of Electrohomopathy. The fissure will be completely healed in a few weeks without surgery to fully heal.

Causes of Fissure

  • Constipation, overeating, oily, and overeating.
  • Waking up at night, constantly sitting and working.
  • Frequent indigestion, eating spicy foods, obesity, consumption of alcohol, tobacco, and smoking.
  • In women, continuous fasting, not eating on time, and eating stale food.
  • Due to taking various drugs during pregnancy and excessive weight of the fetus on the abdomen.
  • genetic
  • In this chronic state, the fleshy part of the body often forms a covering to protect the wound in the rectum, which is called ‘mode’ or sentinel skin tag. It is often difficult to distinguish between External Piles and Sentinal Skin Tag.

Symptoms of Fissure

  • Excessive pain during or after defecation. Therefore, the patient is afraid to go to the toilet and does not eat due to that fear, resulting in weakness.
  • No defecation.
  • Bleeding is caused by the hardening of the stool and due to which the pressure of the stool falls and the wound gets damaged and drops of blood fall from it or also come in contact with the stool.
  • Swelling of the anus due to wound.
  • Infections at the site of the anus can cause itching.
  • Urinary incontinence Sometimes the patient has a lot of pain and fire, so the urinary tract also contracts and the urine does not clear or has to go frequently.

Types of Fissure

  1. Acute Fissure: Constipation is a recent symptom of Fissure. This is called a ‘new fissure’. The wounds are not deep.
  2. Chronic Fissure: Fissure disease lasts for many days and the disease gets old. Wounds in the rectum grow deep inside and cause illness and oily foods are the cause of constipation and the root cause of hemorrhoids.

Electro homeopathy medicine for Fistula

The following electro-homeopathy treatments are used to remove the pus and heal the fracture. The fistula is the formation of a hole at some distance on the side of the anus which begins to protrude. Also, it is the outer mouth and its inner mouth is formed on the inside of the anus, which means that a tube is formed and there is continuous pus or bleeding from it. An abscess is formed in that place before fracture.

When the abscess matures, it ruptures and begins to protrude. The fistula is often treated as a perianal abscess. But it only treats the inner mouth. After a few months due to untreated intramuscular recurrence, recurrence begins again. It just keeps going. Therefore, when examining any Perianal Abscess, it is very important to do an internal examination. But often the diagnosis of bhangendar is not correct.

Electro homeopathy medicine for Fistula

  • Angiotico: – Reducing inflammation.
  • Cansoroso-5: – To heal wounds, to regenerate tissue.
  • Green Electricity: – Cleanses wounds by removing pus (Antiseptic) as well as reducing pain by using the above remedy as an ointment.


Hemorrhoids or hemorrhoids (lower rectum) in the anus means the inflamed and swollen veins in the lower extremities are called varicose veins in the anus. Hemorrhoids can be of two types.

  • Internal Hemorrhoid: – It develops inside the anus.
  • External Hemorrhoid: – It may form under the skin adjacent to the anus.

Hemorrhoids are a common health problem. The disease is not serious but very annoying and disrupts daily life. The risk of hemorrhoids is higher in older people as their intestines become weaker with age. Hemorrhoids are less likely to occur in developing countries. Fiberglass grew in Western countries.

Internal Haemorrhoid

Internal hemorrhoids are usually painless. It causes excessive red blood (brightsed) before or after defecation. The nerves on the inside of the anus become enlarged due to the over-exertion of the bowel. If blood clots form in that vein, there is pain (int. Thrombosed hemorrhoid).

External Haemorrhoid

It involves enlarging the veins under the skin adjacent to the anus. If the veins are just enlarged but do not have a blood clot (non-thrombosed) then they are not very troublesome but if a blood clot has formed in that nose and the hemorrhoid sprout has come out then it is very painful. It takes a few days or a few weeks for the shoots to shrink. Once the sprouts have shrunk, the enlarged skin remains.

Causes of Hemorrhoids

Although the exact cause of hemorrhoids cannot be stated, there are some causes. These include regular defecation habits (constipation or diarrhea), not exercising regularly, not eating a fibrous diet, excessive defecation, heredity, obesity, sitting in one place for a long time, and chronic cough. Women suffer from hemorrhoids due to the weight of the baby during pregnancy, due to Harmony and the medication started during pregnancy

Electro homeopathy medicine for Hemorrhoids Products used for Hemorrhoids

  1. Haemoral liquid: (A2+S5+C5)
  • A2- Reduce Inflammatory conditions and blood congestion.
  • S5- Release muscular spasm
  • C5- Healing tissue degeneration(injury) of the fissure.

2. Heamolax-B (S2+C10+Slass+BE)

  • S2- mild diuretic and digestive immune intestine function
  • C10 – Regenerate intestine tissue and liver, regulate Bowel function.
  • Slass- Tonic for bowel and large intestine, Improves peristaltic movement, acts as a laxative, and releases constipation.
  • BE-Reduce congestion and burning pain, Prevent varicosity of veins and bleeding.

3. Heamoral Plus cream:

It is antiseptic. Smoothes the anus and reduces congestion, inflammation, and pain.

  • BE-Reduce congestion and burning pain, Prevent varicosity of veins and bleeding.


What is Electro Homeopathy or spagyric homeopathy?

Electro Homeopathy (spagyric medicines) is a herbal-based medical system. This pathy is invented by Dr. Count Cesare Matteie ( born in Bologna, Italy on January 11, 1809). This pathy is also known as spagyric homeopathy

Is healing with Electro Homeopathy safe?

Yes. Electro Homeopathy is a safe pathy for treatment. Electro Homeopathy medicines are prepared from plant sources hence Electro Homeopathy (spagyric medicines) is a safer and permanent method of treatment.

Is Electro Homeopathy recognized?

Not yet in India. But it is having good potential. Electro Homeopathy (spagyric pathy) may recognize soon in India. Electro Homeopathy (spagyric) is recognized in some European countries.

Can we purchase spagyric medicines under Electro Homeopathy?

Yes. There are many reputed suppliers in Maharashtra. Arogyadham (Dr. Prakash Kure, Parabhani) is a reputed manufacturer and the largest trusted seller of medicine under Electro Homeopathy (spagyric medicines).

BEMS full form?

Bachelor of electro homeopathy medicine and surgery

Is the Electro homeopathy course available?

CCEH Certificate course in Electro homeopathy & BEMS

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