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The word chemistry is derived from the Latin word chemia. It means Magic. The website “Chemistrywithwiley” is created to present the concepts in the area of chemistry as very simple and understandable. On this web, you will find a variety of topics from organic, inorganic, physical & analytical chemistry.

General and advanced chemistry topics are explained which may be useful to us in our day-to-day life & specifically at academic and research levels as well.

Overall, It is teamwork. Everyone is putting their effort to make each topic interesting. Data is prepared by the respective experts in their domain. Topics from Organic Chemistry are prepared on my own.

So, Hello everyone… my name is Wilee Philip Takkar. I am from Bombay (India). Following are my educational details. M.Sc. (Organic Chemistry), M.Sc. (Environmental Science), ADIS ( Industrial Safety) & CCEH (Electro homeopathy).

That is all about us. Kindly love our content.

You can suggest any changes for improvement in the blog.

You can reach us anytime at wileetakkar@gmail.com

Thank you for giving your valuable time to this website.